Case:             # 2017-18

Location:  134 Petawawa, Ontario home


Conditions: Summer 2017, Climate, humid 38-42 degrees.


A 2 night junket in Petawawa. Weather was quite cold with high winds. -20. Very icy. That must be taken into consideration as the beams can contract with the wind/ice and cold in general causing pops
Called into a home, as a Mother was having concerns over her child seeing figures in the home and hearing footsteps in the hallway. She has also experienced the same thing. Filming a shadow figure taunting her from the basement stairs.
Due to the nature of these accommodations. Many Many people would have lived there over the 75 years they have been there. However I would surmise a great deal of depression and upset. Hence the possibility of activity would be increased.
Base reads were interesting. Very high in the basement. Null in the rest of the house. In the basement as we discovered largely by a grounding clamp.
The STS was set up in the top floor (we did manage to get a false pos with the drapes but no evidence) Top floor null on readings and reared no physical evidence.
On the main floor we did begin to get some quite violent K2 hits. In a specific area. Hitting reds. Upon further discovery the source was when the furnace began its cycle.
Returning to the basement, there were personal feelings there. Unfortunately that can't be used for much more than that


In the end we couldn't detect anything specifically paranormal with the home and advised the owner to keep a journal see if there is a trend


PHOTOS from this investigation