Collection of our audio and video clips

Searching for the Other Side

Short documentary featuring the director and founder of the Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society, Dave Gibb.
Directed by: Jiah Carron
Edited by: Ethan Kirk and Nicholas Luciano

CHAPS Dance Video

Some of our investigators have a habit of breaking into random dance at investigations, little did they know that our producer has been saving a collection of their moves. Dave and Shannon are our big contributors, being uncle and niece the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

TAPS Family Reunion 2011

TAPS family teams from across the US and Canada came together for the first ever TAPS family reunion. It was great finally getting to meet all the other teams as well as Jay and Grant. A ton of fun can't wait till next year.

CHAPS interview on CTV News

With Halloween in the air, CHAPS was asked to do an interview for CTV News regarding some recent investigations we did in Chatham, Ontario.

CHAPS 2011 Dance video

Over the course of the year, we caught may of our investigators dancing again. So for their embarrassment and your enjoyment here it is.

CHAPS gag reel 2011

As much as you try to be professional there are time you just can't help messing up, so have a laugh at our expense.

CHAPS dance video 2012

Every year I compile any random dance clips that I catch team members doing.

Gag reel 2013

TFM Reunion Slideshow for 2011/2012

A compilation of pictures from the first 2 reunions

TAPS Family Reunion 2013

Every year TAPS family teams from across the globe get together for a weekend. Here are some highlights from this years.

10th Anniversary Gag Reel CHAPS

10 years of goof ups. Not always polite. Enjoy all the old faces and places There is quite a bit of "rough" and rude footage here

C.H.A.P.S. date with the extreme actor

CHAPS 6 month review of Kinect STS/SLS. Paranormal Research

We had the STS or Kinect unit built for us by Ron Knowles of RRLC Paranormal. Have been beta testing for 6 mo now. Only 1 false positive I believe but will keep testing. I shared some opinions of others work. This is a highly contested method of research but I wanted to make sure to have an opinion based on experience so far used in about 20 investigations

CHAPS dance video 2016-2017

Our team always has a good time on investigations, quite often I catch our team members randomly breaking into dance.

2018 Gag Reel

Well there will be some you had to be there moments, some you have to be on a team to get it moments, 2018 was a little slower for us a few bodies have been on the DL. But here is what we have to offer enjoy

CHAPS old media compilation video

Put together from old interviews and promo shots with networks. Mind the outdoor stuff we don't do that, but media chose where to do things. We'd never do EVP or audio in a field. Just an interesting watch I found in a pile of back up discs. About 5-8 years old

Paranormal Class 1 CHAPS instructional

Thought we would put together a how to set of vids. Just by our own methods of course. This first one is more based on the starts, the basics. No equipment yet. Intro. More to follow.

Paranormal Class 2 EMF Meters CHAPS Instructional

Not a perfect vid, off the cuff and in layman terms. (I'm not an electrician or scientist) Our video explaining use of EMF, and their misuse. KII, Trifield TR2 and EDI plus. Aimed at the junior investigator or those interested

Paranormal Class 3 EMF reads CHAPS Instructional

Very basic 1 room approach to EMF base reads. This time the power is on for the example. Very basic approach.

Paranormal Class 4 Audio CHAPS Instructional

Just a basic video about collecting and reviewing audio, machines and the like. It did get cut off at the end, but literally when I was wrapping up so. I'll share as is. EVP example at the end

Paranormal Class 5 Q and A and O CHAPS Instructional

Questions submitted by viewers, residents and teams that I will attempt to answer as to the best of my ability. Our opinions only.

The silly flashlight test

I banned these on my investigations but thought it's quiet lets do it with a bunch of flashlights, maybe enlighten someone. (pun intended) I know I left the chair in the way but you will get the idea. Commentary at the end of the video.

Ouija Test

Well, during these boring times I figured to do some unorthodox methods in testing. Ouija being one of them. Some static tests and a live test. Not shocked by the nil results. Here is the video of the process.

My test of the pendulum CHAPS

I didn't expect much but I have through these boring times been doing unorthodox methods of "connection" This proved to be about the same as previous ventures.

CHAPS Dowsing rod experiment

In our grouping of tests of the unorthodox methods, we have the dowsing rods. Not a tool we use but thought we would look at the whys and hows. Trap camera did not produce results, though I speak of it. A few different methods used. Opinions on such vary. Our team tends to lean to a more pragmatic approach so believers in such an item may not be entertained.

CHAPS creation of anomalies (orbs)test

We gave an attempt to create anomalies and orbs. Always a contentious topic. Many shapes etc created. Some items didn't work as well as others and showing the equipment with less quality draws the most results of false positive.

CHAPS EMF meter test demo experiment

This is more a live demo of several meters and their capacities, discussion of usage etc.

CHAPS Spirit Box experiment. SB11

Our team has been working some of the unorthodox methods over this pandemic. Not a fan of this one, sb7 and sb11 spirit box but thought we'd give it a go. A longer video but I hope it clears the air.

CHAPS battery drain tests

Upon request of a team member to add to the tests we have been doing, battery drain was suggested. It is for a number of teams sometimes a reason to call out paranormal. Nothing shocking in the results beyond normal rationale. I would not say I could call it paranormal. Tried to add some humour to keep it interesting while learning.

CHAPS, So you want to start a team???

Well, a little opinion piece about starting your own team and some of the perils that come with it, as well as benefits. It speaks to the team manager, the investigator and probably some clients. All opinions are that of my team.

CHAPS 101 EVP Classification

More for my own team but if anyone gets anything from EVP Classification and what to present to client.

CHAPS Paranormal 101 Case Management

I probably missed a bunch here but was asked to do a video on it. So you will get my thoughts off the cuff. At least a general view to case management. Your own team may want to add or take away ideas from. It is just the way we do it and speaking to junior teams to get a start on things.

CHAPS 101 Why do we investigate in the dark?

I get challenged on this a lot. Honestly it's super logical and simple Short video to tackle the subject on it's own as I've spoken about it elsewhere. But kept getting asked.

CHAPS 16th Anniversary, blah blah

Thought I'd have a chat on our anniversary.

Our take on UFO and Cryptids. Investigation of. CHAPS

Just had to make a video on whether we do investigation as a team on cryptids or ufo.


Just some updates and questions

First seasons and team apathy after/during COVID

Just thought I would make a broadcast on some late topics that came to mind