Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society

In the Winter of 2005 after 14 years of paranormal enthusiasm and spiritual studies, Dave Gibb felt it was time to organize his studies and turn it to research. He conceived the name and concept of C.H.A.P.S. In the Spring of 2006 he formed a team of like minded individuals.

C.H.A.P.S. a proud member of the TAPS Family since 2008, is a science based research group. We go into every investigation with the mindset that we would like to disprove the presence of a haunting. We want to be able to settle the mind of the client that they either have a physical reason for their concerns or that they may indeed have something paranormal present with them.

C.H.A.P.S. now runs out of 2 official areas, the Northeastern, and Central Ontario Regions. We have members situated so that we can take care of the largest area possible. Our investigations have taken us to many corners of the province, western Quebec, and the U.S.A.

Our team does enjoy having fun at investigations, however we will present the most professional product to the client that is possible. We use the best technology accessible to facilitate that. These services, are 100% cost free. We are there for you.

 Know that our charter with the TAPS Family means we can offer excellence, beware of other teams passing themselves off as paranormal investigators. Check references, ask about the equipment they use and their methods. NEVER pay for an investigation. IF they charge for one, get away from them. NOT make money off you. Please allow us to put your mind at ease

Meet the Team

In the Winter of 2005 after 14 years of paranormal enthusiasm and spiritual studies, Dave Gibb felt it was time to organize his studies and turn it to research. He conceived the name and concept of C.H.A.P.S. In the Spring of 2006 he formed a team of like minded individuals.

Dave Gibb

Founder and Director

Dave has been investigating since 1994 and formally formed CHAPS in 2005. Raised in the Spiritualist church he has ties to that "world" but has chosen to rely on the more pragmatic style of research. Use of logic. Dave has lead the team on hundreds of investigations, with numerous team partnerships included across Ontario, NE and Mid United States and overseas. Since 2008 a proud TAPS Family members.     Contact Dave at

Sandy Gibb


Sandy located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, has filled a number of roles on the team, originally began by editing videos for clients which she continues Sandy acted as the primary cameraperson. Since that point she has moved on the creation of the you tube videos, production of our commercials and graphics. Sandy has produced commercials for other TAPS Family as well. Since her start on the team June of 2008 she has been an integral part of the investigative team and logistics crew. Contact Sandy at

Cathy Morden

Investigative Lead

Cathy is a veteran of the beginning of the formation of CHAPS. Well travelled Cathy has circumnavigated the North American continent with the team. Also a 2nd generation trained medium, Cathy has a keen sense of the "elsewhere" while keeping it on a logical level. She has been a lead for many years and knows the ins and outs of the paranormal. Contact Cathy at

Shannon Cowan


Shannon is a very passionate investigator, she is also a bit of a wild child. Clientelle warm up to Shannon as she is willing to talk to anyone, see the positive side in something and express her thoughts truthfully. Since coming on with the team as a guest and forward has attended every investigation. She is not afraid to speak up when needed or inform the team if something is not correct with a clients claims. Shannon is never one to back down from a dare or a challenge which due to her personality can make for some interesting on and off times with the team. You've been warned.

John Tallon


John Tallon started with the team as a guest in the fall of 2009, since that time he has amassed a number of investigations. Retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force, his profession as an aircraft mechanic also gives him a perception of the noises that can occur physically and makes him an asset to the technical team. A resident of Petawawa, John has consistently been the 1st to jump on any investigation anywhere and we were proud to make him a full time member of the team November of 2010. John is a natural dramatic ham, which helps the tired mood on any investigation.

Carolyn Bennett

Chief of Operations, North

Carolyn an investigator with CHAPS since 2009 has wore many hats. She is an incredibly forensic player in the game, a published author she is very detailed in her work. Carolyn has a large part to do with our evidence review, especially audio. Over the years she has also been the teams PR agent and investigation procurement director when it comes to commercial locations. She manages the North for Dave right now as it remains a strong base of our operations. Contact Carolyn at

Phil Booker

Lead Investigator

Phil and Dave go a way back, to high school. Some years later Phil contacted Dave in regards to the team so in 2015 he began working through all of the roles. In quick fashion it was obvious Phil had a skill for the lead. Phil has a theatrical background but also a mechanical one, so marry the two and you have someone who can contrast an interesting investigation while looking at the physical attributes. As of late Phil has had to take most of the lead work due to Dave having to step back somewhat. It has only further propelled his skills as head of a crew. Patient and passionate about his position as a Lead Investigator. We are sure with many years to come.

Jeff Livesey

Information Technologist

I graduated from Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada in 1999, and have been an IT specialist for 19 years, working in a large organization. I joined C.H.A.P.S. because my wife told me to. Just kidding, I have always believed and had interest in "The Other Side." We can thank The Exorcist, Amityville, and the Poltergeist. I personally have not yet had an experience that I know of, but have witnessed some unusual things like "The Balloon" for example (check out my story in our Your Stories page.) My wife joined C.H.A.P.S. and met these amazing people, all sharing the same interest in the paranormal, and they needed an IT guy. It was a great opportunity for me to contribute my expertise to C.H.A.P.S. and in return, I hope to "experience" a paranormal event.... I am truly honoured to be a part of this group. Contact Jeff at