Case: # 2012-02
Location: Private Residence, Wilsonville, Ontario


The client who is recently renovating the home has experience much of the normal footstep sounds, and creeks. Feeling of being watched but differently, they have had a voice of a young girl calling in from the back door yelling "hi" and "hello there" on a number of occasions. Then the sound of the door slamming.


This was a particularly cold winter evening. The planned experiences in the out buildings were put off do to it. The home itself, clean non abnormal temps. Reads were as normal as to be expected as well. During the night the investigators did hear an audible noise being called to them. We believe we could discern that from audio as well, however it wasn't clear enough to be graded as a good EVP. There were shoulder brushes and cool breezes that could be attributed to the weather outside. The audio otherwise came up clear.


Though there was some indication that the experience the team had was, not normal we could not at this time settle that the home is indeed haunted. I would move that we would return at a warmer date to continue the research and see if the results will vary. Ongoing...

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