Case: # 2015-16
Location: Elgin Theatre/Princess Ave Playhouse, St. Thomas Ontario

Members on case:

Dave, Dave, Sandy, Kevin, Catherine, Tyler, Chris, Jason & guest Mike S


There have been many claims in regards to the Princess Ave Playhouse from many people including employees, performers and patrons of the theatre. One report includes the presence of a spirit, possibly male, whom the current caretakers of the theatre have nicknamed “Mort”. This may coincide with reports from performers and others of seeing the shadow of a man in the balcony of the theatre during performances.
There are also claims of a little girl who runs throughout the theatre, who has gained the nickname “Mazzy”. On a previous investigation by C.H.A.P.S, an EVP was captured of what sounded like a child saying hello, which maybe relative to this claim. Also during that investigation, the team experienced incidents in the basement of someone shuffling behind them followed by a “shush”, as well as the sound of a light fixture falling on the stage above them, however when investigated further, nothing was out of place.


After a quick tour of the building, the team split into two, with the first team consisting of Dave, Catherine, Mike and Tyler, taking the basement area while Kevin, Sandy, Chris and Jason headed up to the theatre. Because of the noise contamination that can be heard in the basement caused from the team in the theatre above, Dave and crew were on the lookout for any odd shadows or anything strange other than noise from above.
Kevin led the other team beginning at the top of the stage above the set design overlooking the audience seats. Jason was on video while Chris took photos and Sandy used the FLIR. After a little while of questions with no responses, they moved on to the stairwell at the back of the theatre leading upstairs. Here, some reports indicate an older woman who chatters her false teeth if she feels you are being too loud. Only minor hits on the EMF detector were captured here but nothing concrete.
The team moved upstairs to the prop room. This room was very small and resulted in no activity. They then moved back into the main theatre, where after a little while, a few knocks were heard coming from the balcony above, which sounded like light knocking on the safety railing. After no other results, Kevin and the team returned to the basement to reconnect with the rest of the team.
During this small break, while walking around, Chris claimed to have heard shuffling behind him, which echoed down into a washroom area beside him. This happened in the exact same spot that Kevin had heard shuffling behind him on the previous investigation.
After the break, Dave led Catherine, Tyler, Mike and Kevin, who handled the video for this portion, to the theatre area. Dave attempted to entice any spirits to come forward and contact them. Dave then took another approach and closed a set door on the stage, offering to the spirit to prove it is there by opening up the door, but the door remained closed. The team moved on to another method involving Catherine performing a comedy routine. The topic then turned to religion, as the building was originally a church, and during this time the team began to hear various noises similar to the knocking the heard earlier by the other team. This seemed to provide evidence that the spirit was possibly a member of the church rather than a theatre goer.
Afterwards, the entire team grouped up in the theatre, scattered in all parts of the area, with Kevin, Jason and Tyler in the balcony, Chris on top of the stage, Dave on the stage and Catherine, Mike and Sandy, who was on video during this portion, in the pews. After a few noises debunked as noise from outside, Kevin noticed on the FLIR that a heat signature was visible on a chair sitting on the stage when no one was sitting on it. The team ran a test of having Catherine place her hand on the chair, and before doing so the heat signature changed as she walked toward the chair as if someone moved off the chair. After having Catherine sit on the chair for a moment, the heat signature was not similar to when no one was sitting in the chair.
After some more discussion on the topic of religion, Dave began to wrap up the conversation, and during this time, several members heard a loud “sigh” or “yawn” audible within the theatre. The team moved back to the basement where no more evidence was captured. Chris and Jason moved back into the Theatre one last time to try and capture any evidence. Chris, going as far as whistling, which is not recommended to do in a theatre, and Jason playing guitar on the stage, but the two received no more evidence.
With this the team wrapped up the investigation.


Although it was a fairly quiet night, there were still some substantial evidence captured with noises, an audible yawn or sigh, as well as what was caught on the FLIR, added to the evidence captured on the previous investigation, there does seem to be something within the theatre.


PHOTOS from this investigation