Case:             # 2023-04

Location:  L'Orignal Jail Return, L'Orignal, ON

Date: June 2023

Climate: Cloudy, 18-22 degrees C with some spotty precipitation

Members: Dave, Sandy, Fiona and John

Guests: Wes from C.O.P.S and Elliot from Phantoms


Our previous venture here netted 0 result as we needed to omit all results due to mitigating interference. This time smaller team with a very basic cadre of equipment. With a focus not on question and answer style of EVP more that a constant casual conversation and role play

We did not do base reads as the previous venture showed no hot spots that would affect us and the temperature would vary in this location quite rapidly hence the readings from that would prove non productive to any result we may seek to legitimize.

DVR and related equipment were turned on at 9:09pm, audios placed in death row and stairs leading to. as well as the follow. DVR placed to cover halls and lower jail quads. Elliot's covered death row.

We began the evening in the isolation chamber. Chatting as to how long someone could be in there now vs then. Wes is a corrections officer so, the conversation ran deep and was done in both languages. We do not have anything untoward occur here

At intake we did hear a knocking in the wall as Wes was put into the holding cell there. But the activity felt was minimal as was the audio evidence reviewed after the investigation. We did pull an un debunk able EVP from that area. On the video as presented

Dave and Fiona, w Wes had a role play at visitors. This lends to some real life experiences so the situation itself may have led itself to activity it did not influence the investigation results at all.

The cafe which was the debtors portion investigated with nil results. Or experiences that were remarkable.

In the lower cell blocks, there were many coughing noises heard by all. Many touches from inside the cells. It was at this point we had turned the dial up on the role play and that seemed to have ignited things as far as personal experience. Wes got quite ill at one point. The coughing was being heard personally as well as over the monitoring device situated at the other end of the building.

From this point on we are experiencing battery loss on multiple rooms and pieces of equipment

This repeated itself in the next cell block where Fiona did some role play to bring the levels up. Again this seemed to work. With personal experience anyway. We didn't garner much evidence down there but that.

We did get an EVP on the stairwell up towards the death row this recorded when the entire team was outside on a break.

In death row we did get an EVP and some moving of the levels of the EDI. Also some battery loss, lots of noises. We did have some sufficient provocation, not our normal method but we are speaking of murderers. For the research of it we went ahead. Wes and Dave presented a 2 sided argument from either side of death row. Quite loud and vile as to depict a jailhouse fight. Both locked in cells. Boxes began to move at Dave's side.


In the end it was a much better investigation than last and we would conclude there may be some activity there although we wouldn't call it a very intrusive haunt more one that is reactive to certain words and residual in most sense.


PHOTOS from this investigation