Case:             # 2023-03

Location:  Sir John Johnson Manor House, Williamstown, ON

Date: May 13, 2023

Climate: Clear and 14 deg C

Members: Dave, Fiona, Sandy and John


At the beginning of the investigation EMF and temp sweeps proved no significant spike and had ambient results of 20 deg C and the EMF was overall flat. This did not change for the duration of the night as it ended at 19 deg C and flat EMF.

All DVR, audio, measuring devices were beginning their recording between 8:13 and 8:14pm

To recap this is the second visit to the location, we are trying to determine the consistency between that visit and this. It was much colder last visit which should be noted.

During the last visit the normal bangs and pops. We did have a trigger device go off in the back dining room, when no one was in it. The cat trigger balls on the threshold of the upper bedrooms went off several times, when everyone was on the main floor. We most notably had 2 EVP one was a dreary noise from an audio that we had a camera focused on the other a woman asking "where are my children" also when we were not present. The consistent players in effect were a child and woman. Although in the written report there was a man with a crop.

On to this investigation. We swapped up equipment and took turns. We had many flashes seen on camera, this could have been the result of equipment playing off other pieces of equipment or optical distress. In either case it did not "make it" to any verifiable piece of footage.

We decided to physically work the popping door in the kitchen. It has been stated that it randomly pops, yes has a secure hold. We worked this for about an hour as in past another investigator and myself had observed this. Now with this said, the house is old. Floors are connected. The kitchen is off kilter and the door has a tight spring clip but is offside a bit. Male to female clip coverage is about 60% and slightly angulated. Physically outside of the room and inside the room there are spots where you walk and it creates pressure, the door pops. Sometimes so much that it is impossible to keep it closed. Only the one door is affected. We put a camera on it for 12 hours and the only time we could have the effect was when we triggered it in the kitchen or from coming down the hallway into the living area near the kitchen. It would be our opinion that the door popping is of physical causes. No less value as to what occurs in this house.

Throughout the course of the night we had many events of little voices that we would hear, laughs that we physically heard and found on audio (presented on video) During the investigation about 21:57 the EDI which I have never seen an environmental change in 5 years of using it, showed a temperature change flash. There is an ambient temp measurement but the immediate measurement has never flashed off. According to the parameters this is a .5F deg p/s This was happening up and down on command with a discussion about a child and mother, for about 20 mins. Sandy was the investigating questioner. Herself a mother. This to a degree was caught on camera. Things remained active for about 3 hours. at 11:20 we physically heard laughter and it was caught.

We attained 7 EVP for this investigation notably that laughter and when we outside having a cigarette break, no one in the home a chattery squeaky voice near the audio device left on the table. Voices stating let's go and who's there. It would seemingly being responsive to our activity. Most seeming to be active towards female voices and presence . Again, the voices and activity as well as the electronic activity responding to questions seem to point to a woman and child


Whether this means they are there and the only presence we don't know. In our opinion we would say that this building contains a responsive form of activity, that seems to be more attracted to females and is most active between 10pm and 1am.

Always a pleasure to work with this organization we'd be happy to come back and thank Brent and Elliot for their support of CHAPS in the endeavour.


PHOTOS from this investigation