Case:             # 2023-02

Location:  Academy Theatre, Lindsay, Ontario

Date: April 8, 2023

Climate: 8 C. Cloudy

Members: Shannon, Dave, Phil, Sandy, Alice and Fiona


This was going to be an equipment light investigation. The site itself does not lend to any unusual temperature differences or EMF swings. Both would be expected. We would use some motion activated devices and the audio and video.

Much like any building of this kind. Seems to lend to a lady falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. This site as well according to psychics that have previously done it, has a male spirit walking about. Neither story has any form of verification in any sense. As also for the top floor being anything but storage. It doesn't seem quite set up or has any trademarks of it being an apartment from where the lady stems from as going to the basement to stoke the heat. It is a pretty common claim.


The investigation itself. Basement change rooms, stage and house as well as top floors. There is no change in feeling or activity. There was a period where our thermal did pick up some activity but this is anomalous as it could be the heating. We did have some battery drops with our equipment.

It was a short investigation 3 hrs from start to finish this is what we paid for. Hard to set up shop somewhat.


None. Anything we had was debunk able either by it being us or the staff meandering about. The cat balls did go off but there was rumbling traffic outside at the time. I'm afraid our results do not equate what all the psychics say. We don't have any evidence of a haunt.


PHOTOS from this investigation