Case:             # 2023-01

Location:  Ontario Lakehouse, Ontario

Date: March 2023

Climate: 0 C. Cloudy

Members: Dave, Sandy, Alice, Phil


The home is a self built 52 year old year round cottage. Owners, only residents to have lived there and the property itself was farmland previous. No road interference. Sky was clear. Client is a senior who's wife is now in the hospital with late stage dementia. It had gone to the point where she was physically assaulting him while calling out for someone that was there and stating they would have to follow his commands. The client hears broadcasts coming from the living room. This would be a very low key investigation. I did not want to rouse the client as he has already had medicine people and psychics in that have broadened the claim and added different concerns.

We took some extra time to the EMF reads, there was some concern in the basement. The ballast of the lights did give off a significant but not alarming level of EMF. Rest of the house was very solid, no real readings and quiet. No physical sign of where a noise would come from. However in the bedroom, a decades old alarm clock and phone were sending the meter into the 100+ MG reading. I believe this to be a large contributing factor. That nightly exposure could be a reason for neural interference. At least contributing to it.

Investigation went off without a hitch. In and out in a few hours. Pleasant conversation and some envy as to the home itself. We reviewed the evidence to which there was no audio evidence or anything else that would justify something malignant there. Video presented with our opinion. The client was happier and has said they are sleeping better with less interference.


I do in conclusion believe that the emotional suffrage the gentleman is going through is creating hypersensitivity added to the "psychic" teams that have gone in and artificially grown a further worry when it would seem the causation was physical. The client seems more at ease. I do not believe this property to have any paranormal nature to it.


PHOTOS from this investigation