Case:             # 2022-06

Location:  Sir John Johnson Manor, Williamstown, Ontario

Date: November 2022

Climate: Environment clear but cloudy. 0-4C. Quite humid

Attendees: Elliot L, Dave G, Alice J, Sandy G, Fiona G, Phil B


After being given the tour of this very large period home circa 1770's we brought in the equipment to go over the claims and set equipment. Not a litany of claims. A blue lady on the grounds and looking out the dormered windows. In writing from the 40's a lady who witnessed a military man with a crop, that propelled her to leave the property.

We did not bother with EMF or temperature sweeps. The variation of temperature in this home is quite high and that wouldn't be a reliable metric to work from.

We had a top floor, abandoned apartment and rooms. They plan on redoing. No hydro. Bottom floor decorated in period placement.

This investigation was slated to be an overnight to gather as much as we could.

The house was covered in video capture as well as audio and a number of trigger objects set to go off if disturbed. We were fortunate to have Elliot with us from Shadows to join us, with his knowledge of the homes history and events was very helpful.

The beginning of the investigation went off like most, asking the prescribed questions. Taking turns with different voices and personalities possibly stirring echoes from the past. Different families that resided there were mentioned. Speaking to their children to events that may have occurred there. The first house was uneventful. 9pm hit things did change. We during the evening had several proximity sensors go off, without interaction to spurn them. The trigger object on the top floor went off twice, on camera. Nobody was present. These triggers balls have to be moved, firmly. Many sounds of footsteps, hard shoes on hard floor. A trigger did go off in a room with the team as well. There wasn't anything aggressive about the evening, many little teases. Then the audio review.

It was nice to have video captures of activity. However under review though we had many "hits" that we could debunk. Two of them not so. "where are my children" a class 1a. No amplification needed and in total context with the conversation and ask. Then, a ghastly loud whisper over an audio that we had in view of a camera. No one there to make such a noise. Still not even sure what it said.


A very enjoyable night, and though we never say a place is "haunted" I can say with confidence there is substantial evidence to show there is legitimate activity there and CHAPS would be more than happy to attend again


PHOTOS from this investigation