Case:             # 2022-06

Location:  Palmyra Museums, Palmyra, New York, USA

Date: September 2022

Climate: 36C. Quite humid

Members: Shannon, Sandy and Dave


We arrived at the venue about 7, offloaded and had the tour by Steve. Steve is a very enigmatic gent who had lots of stories and emotions. Honestly about the perfect person for it.

We toured the museum which was a hotel that was moved on to the foundation of a home that burned to the ground with occupants present. 1 adult female and 6 children all under the age of 8. This has been verified by newspaper accounts. The Mrs Breeden and the kids, the father was out of town for work and arrived during the blaze, but from accounts stating he stayed at the end of the road. Claims are that the children play the hallways specifically the doll room.

The second location was the Phelps home and general store. The store owned by WM Phelps, then his son Julius and on to Cybil who lived in the home into the late century and died in the home in her 80's. These would be the "people" we would focus on as well as Holly a child who died in a carriage crash, succumbed to her injuries in the home. I was planning to relate to Cybil as she was a Spiritualist as I grew up the same. Although about as far from that now as possible. She was upset as she was a student of music in college and Julius made her leave that due to money. The home though grand was devoid of plumbing or electricity. It remained that way until the 1970's

We did not bother with base reads. We had an EDI set up to mark any off beats so to speak. Air conditioning was turned off. Temperature was not going to be an issue, not to mention unaware of the surrounding electrical fields, EMF was also not a time economical tool to use. There were 3 of us so we played an efficient investigation "equipment light"

Starting in the basement of the foundation of the razed home. Quiet except for some stomach growls. In to the main floor very much that of a hotel. Piano room etc. The only audio effect we could hear were some hoodlums across the road enjoying the summer night, albeit loudly. On the main floor, odd crack and pop but nothing of any substance. We went to the upstairs hallway, each room with a different theme, starting with the merchants room. On to several law enforcement and military rooms. The humidity was incredible. The rooms were quite silent and prompted to keep moving. Never ending rooms. This end of the museum, though very interesting proved quiet on all respects. We traded who asked the EVP sessions and did silent periods as well. To the other rooms more succinct to the feeling of the place in our opinion, but much the same result. We ended up in the doll room. Though there were a tonne of dolls. Some creepier than others the result physically to us was much the same. Very quiet. We had a static camera and some trigger objects set outside the room. Leaving them to operate as we moved on to the other building the Phelps residence.

The Phelps residence in somewhat a state of disrepair. But very authentic and untouched. The belongings present were theirs. The store, untouched except for ceiling repairs. The store did not yield anything. Mind you the "creepy" factor was definitely present . We headed upstairs. The main living floor was quite grand actually. This is where a bunch of grumpy men and Holly were to be. We started some sessions for Holly. I (Dave) stayed off that having a harder man's voice. Shannon and Sandy convened. There were several times we heard knocks and bangs. Prompting us to move quickly through rooms to find the source. We had been hoping that Cybil would have shown her musical skills. Or speak to our devices. In the dining room we sat down and talked for a bit and prompted by a question, a series of strong fast knocks happened on the wall behind us., almost as soon as that occurred. Air raid sirens went off. Which was striking for us as we don't have them anymore. Not since I was a child and heard them being tested. That did put a delay on events as we confirmed it meant nothing.

Back to the investigation we went to the top floor of the Phelps residence and proceeded with a number a very personal EVP sessions. It should be noted that the equilibrium on the top floor would be quite off and could alter someone's perception the floors are very a skewed. Fun house quality I'd describe it. When we in the split room for younger kids, the bed pan began to shake in its bowl quite far from us

We followed this by a few sessions downstairs and then finished for the night


Odd that the one home provided more charge and sound and the other actually more evidence. We did manage to debunk much of what happened and what was heard that night. The violent knocking we could not debunk nor the rattling bed pan. We did get one EVP of Look the light (on the finished video) in the hallway of the museum down by the doll room. That being said we had static monitoring cams on at the time. No one was on the floor, the monitoring equipment showed nothing and the spot on the program where that voice came.... very clear. There was 0 decibel marking. We believe this to be a true 1B EVP.


Do we believe there is activity, possibly. The EVP is hard to deny but whether it is reactive or residual is left to be determined. I don't believe it is intelligent . We would love to return on another date with more crew and do another investigation.

I hope we did it justice it is one of the nicest places we have had the chance to work on.


PHOTOS from this investigation