Case:             # 2022-05

Location:  L'Orignal Jail, L'Orignal, Ontario

Date: August 2022


We have been invited to co investigate the L'Orignal jail built in 1825 by A Class Paranormal. The oldest jail in Ontario has been the site of 6 hangings. A rather savory cast of axe murderers etc. We arrived at 7 pm to investigate. Weather about 36 degrees and very humid.

Our host, Elliot of The Phantoms of Yore tour group. A Class, Sara performing a Live investigation for us a somewhat spontaneous event. Kyle the teams technical sound engineer. As well as 5 of us, Myself, Sandy, Lynda, Fiona and John.

Base reads almost 0 except for the spots one would expect to have a higher reading. It would be stated that at no time during the evening was there any fluctuation in EMF. Temperature readings were not bothered with due to the extreme temperature. Changes would be felt if they were present. 8 cam DVR was placed in selected cell groupings, solitary and PC. Also in the death row chambers. This in addition to the cameras and audio provided to us by Elliot.

Elliot had been instructed to not inform the team of the claims so as to not have confirmation bias. He was most helpful in the investigation.

The sweeps began in the admin hallway, quite uneventful. Moved on to the regular cell blocks. A varying degree of feelings but that is to be expected in the surrounding. Some drama when a bat made it's way around until caught.

We moved down towards the other chambers for a series of EVP sessions. The timing of such somewhat altered by the physical set up and monitoring of sound equipment. The odd noise contamination of laptops that were monitoring the live.

As we moved to the death row, the mood did change somewhat. Some lights were seen. A face even appeared to vision whether this was just the dark contrast is to be debated. A number of solo ventures were taken throughout the night.

Collectively 18 hours of audio and video had been collected and reviewed, peer reviewed. We did have a few possible hits but due to physical factors they were redacted. Contamination was too high to confirm anything in firm.

As of this submission I have not heard evidence from the other team, and look forward to any substantiated result.

The night was quite enjoyable, the location was interesting. CHAPS would be more than happy to tour there again on our own accord

It will be noted that we would pass on the "live" experience. It lends to too much attention misdirection and possible noise contamination


Maybe activity but we did not detect it.


PHOTOS from this investigation