Case:             # 2022-03

Location:  Schoolhouse, Frontenac, Ontario

Climate: 10 deg C, clearing skies, daytime

Date: April 30, 2022


The site is a former school house circa 1880, turned into a community centre and let go by the municipal government. Zoning inspections cite very little but the property and footprint agree with the historical description of the building

We have been called into a building in the stages of conversion. Nothing of great concern just that they wanted to make sure all was stable with the building she is converting. The weather was ideal, daytime. The location was clean. Base reads showed that the recently updated wiring was solid. No sign of any increased levels of EMF, with one exception. A timer that was plugged into the kitchen. That managed to send the meter over the top. Unsure as to why but the pull away strength was not high. 6 inches and it dissipated. The gases check, did pick up a small amount of sewer gas coming from the sink. However with this being on a septic system, that wouldn't be too unexpected. Very small amount, the meter was set to most sensitive. Thermal photography showed the building is well insulated or that there isn't any extreme signs of heat loss.

We carried out an investigation between just Sandy, Dave and the client. The client was actually quite involved in the EVP session. She is a natural at it frankly. A good discussion for a while, an experiment that used a school bell sound and finally a sentinel session.

Results, in the end we did get 2 EVP that we could not debunk. One during live sessions, just after the client spoke a 1,2 or "want to" or something to that degree. It was quite quiet but not one of us. Also at the end as we were leaving, and I was at the loading end of my car, from the inside. A "let's go home" It sounded mechanical but clear. I was also 30 + feet away at the time. We tend to get EVP at this point of the night, loading up which is why we keep our audio running the longest.

I can't call any of this proof. Just evidence we could not disprove.


We would love to continue with investigating this premises as there may be some activity there. Of an intelligent kind. As the last EVP if validated was completely in conjunction with what was happening at the exact time.


PHOTOS from this investigation