Case:             # 2022-02

Location:  Farmhouse, Sutton, Ontario

Climate: 2-4 degrees C overcast skies

Date: April 9, 2022


Called to a family home in Sutton. Claims of some articles being moved or falling, coupled with visions of shadow people and full spectrum people as well. This most by the young daughter.


The family had sequestered themselves in as separated garage some distance from the home. So that was not a factor at all during the investigation. At a time the father in law had come into the home, that did not come into play here.

Base reads of the home were much as suspect. The collaboration of 14/2 cable and BX cable in the basement were a high point, ~24 MG, and then the daughters clock radio topped out about 40MG. This was a concern I expressed to the mother. There is no guarantee that EMF has any ill effect but theory moves to that it can encourage physical symptoms of dizziness and visions.

The house was very quiet. Almost 0 ambient noise through the duration of the investigation. Nothing physical occurred during the investigation of this 1800's era farmhouse.

Constructed of lathe and wood. There were some resilient smells, that I believe would have been absorbed into the structure and released over time due to environmental factors, IE cold and humidity.

We did capture 3 EVP. Of them we were not present on the floors or in the home nor was the family who were 200 feet from us.

EVP as presented on the YouTube video. Not proof but evidence.


We'd surmise there is some passive activity in this home. We would return should the homeowner want it, focus more on the audio again.


PHOTOS from this investigation