Case:             # 2021-07

Location:  Head Office Home, Oshawa, Ontario

Date: October 2021

Team: Erin is Lead, Dave and Sandy are not involved


The head office so it would be has been investigated off the record a few times. We have obtained EVP from this address in the past, have also done so at this event.

In the past we have had doors slamming in front of your face, sliding doors closing prompting the teens to call the police. Cupboards doors slamming, prompting a parental reaction to ask to be quiet when no one was home. Among many other small events, that could or couldn't be written off as the house.

More would be submitted about this investigation, but it is in the infancy and the process we are working on to recreate or re evaluate the results that we have gathered.


There could be activity but needs more attention.


PHOTOS from this investigation