Case:             # 2021-05

Location:  Lloyd House Pub, Mt Albert, Ontario

Climate: Temperature 28 deg and clear skies.

Date: July 17 2021


The Lloyd house had a grouping of claims, one being a lady in white nearing the washroom on the top floor. The second a child in the dining room, used primarily as a prep room for servers now.

The Lloyd house was built in 1886 as a manse for the Presbyterian church. 4 years later it had been purchased by William and Sarah Lloyd. He was the town druggist. They had one daughter Olive who died a spinster in the home. Most of the 100+ years it was in the Lloyd family possession. Then purchased by an un noted GTA family, further to that it has had 2 incarnations as a pub. A bat infestation was confirmed, this was said to be the cause of the family to leave due to sickness.


The base reads from the location, were not significant. They read high where you would expect it. There was a small grouping of people but they were set up in the back quite far from the building itself. Now that said during the investigation the door was opened for them to get refreshments a number of times, but the door was easily identified.

The investigation started in the basement once DVR and equipment was set. We had the building covered and DVR was manned. In the basement, our cameraperson Erin was set by a squealing noise to her ear. Now we can't verify if this was a pump etc. But I did do a check for that noise, everything seemed to produce different. A good deal of noise contamination there and with no physical result we moved on to the main floor.

While on the main floor I concentrated questions, A to the child that may be residing and to William, asking questions about pharmaceuticals that would be sold during the day in time. This would be a trend. We did hear a few pops and bangs, nothing that would be out of the ordinary. Experienced breathing noises but this could be accounted for by the masks we had to wear. EMF and temp stayed very level. The speakers at the DVR were experiencing audio output from the upper washroom, this did not get recorded on either camera or recorder in the room. There was an unidentified smash that came from the kitchen, we did investigate and could not find source.

Top floor, This was much a repeat of the first floor. The EMF did pulse a few times when I was asking questions about pharma of the time. I did receive an EVP response from something when I spoke about not telling doctors about me being sick. But in the end, nothing of any activity other than the main DVR station reporting hearing a large metal chair drag. We attempted to recreate. Unsuccessfully.


We did after review compile 3 EVP results. 2 of which seemed to be in response to what we were doing, fixing things etc. Almost agreeing as if over our shoulder.... same voice. Then a stern No when I was speaking to the doctor omission. Is it proof. No They were all 3C quality in gradient at best but presentable and had context.

I would hesitate to say the place is haunted. At least to what degree. Possibly a responsive haunt, I would like the team to return at a point. Maybe in the winter when, the outdoor patio wouldn't be active and less walking traffic on the street


PHOTOS from this investigation