Case:             # 2021-04

Location:  Mount Albert, Ontario Residence


Noises heard in dining room that could not be explained (bangs, bumps). When first moved in daughters closet had clothes hangers falling off bar. Son sees shadows going past room at night.


Three investigators at residence for the evening- weather good and seasonal at 17’c for the evening with no wind or rain. House is close to a main road and the train tracks for CN rail are approximately 1 km away. This is a century home built in 1860, previously used as a rooming house for the Grand Trunk Railway, a blacksmith shop, and a general store prior to becoming a single family dwelling.

The investigation started with standard base reads, noting differences around electrical panel and computer modems (2). Nothing in this home is out of the ordinary and total renovation of the century home completed in 2017. Current family moved into the house in 2018- no knowledge of any claims from previous owners. Ad there was only 3 investigators we set the video camera up on the table in the dining room to start investigation questioning. No EVP evidence caught.

While in dining room, a plastic bag slide off of the bench in the living room- although not caught on video and could have been from static charge. Also heard steps (shuffling) upstairs.

While on break outside, team left video camera and EVP running in the dining room.

Upstairs in daughters room: boo bear in closet with static cam- nothing found. While doing our questioning in the room, light up cat balls went off and couldn’t be replicated- unfortunately not caught on video.

While 2 investigators went downstairs to the entryway to switch batteries on video camera, they noticed at un-used cat balls were flashing while in the case, and hadn’t been taken out of their bag or turned on. Unfortunately, not caught on camera.

To investigate claims of shadows in the upstairs hallway, tried to debunk by having 2 investigators stay in the sons room while 1 drove up and down the road with headlights on (considering the lights coming in windows at various angles causing shadows) nothing conclusive or noticed.


UPON REVIEW: While investigators were outside on a break and video camera and EVP were left running it was noticed that the EVP recorder moved over the span of 15 minutes. While trying to debunk this movement it was nonconclusive.


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