Case:             # 2021-02

Location:  Sunderland, Ontario Residence

Team members: Lynda, Erin Patricia (Co-lead) Phil (Co-lead)

Date: March 27th, 2021


Older neighbourhood, Built app Mid to late 70"s. Client is not the original owner but has lived there for 17 plus years. Client runs a bakery business our of the home. Roughly 500 yards away from a Cemetery. Small country-isk town.


As like any other case we are asked to investigate, the client says very similar things as past ones. They include; hearing noises, hearing what sounds le voices. Electronic devices turning on and off by themselves. Kitchen cupboards opening and closing by themselves when the family is in the livingroom. The client has stated that when these thing started happening, they were amused by it all. However, they were then subject to having been scratched and began to have night terrors. On there own accord, the client and a friend decided to try and use a spirit box. In doing so, they said they got the name, they think was Tom. Apparently one of the children seems to interact with said "Tom," to the degree as to call him "Tommy Armadillo." They also say they experience the feeling of being followed.


we arrived safely around 7:45pm the night of the investigation. Once we met with the clients, we introduced the team and began to talk with her to get a better understanding in their own words as to what they are experiencing. We toured the home and in doing so, decided as a team were to primarily focus our attention on for the evening, which ended up being one of the childrens rooms, the master bedroom and the livingroom. We also set up the trapcam in the bakery and the stationary mic in the childs room. Lynda was on video cam. Phil took still photographs of the residence as well as took a turn with audio. Patricia did base reads prior to starting as well as took turns with questions as well. Erin was on audio as well as involved in question asking.


Unfortunately, the night was very quiet, other than a few odd noises that sounded like bumps and we thought we heard a cupboard door close while we were in the livingroom. We asked alot of questions asked and took the time to leave some space in hope to have audio pick something up. All video as well as audio will be gone over and should anything be found, the team will look into it and if necessary, report back to the client.


Even though we had a usually quiet night, we do hope that the noises we did encounter, were not of normalcy. All recordings and video will be gone over.

Overall, client was very pleased.


PHOTOS from this investigation