Case:             # 2021-02

Location:  Oshawa Residence

Team members: Lynda, Erin, Patricia (Co-lead), Phil (Co-lead)

Date: February 20th, 2021


A 5 year old subdivision in North Oshawa. Entire area was farm land previously owned by E.P. Taylor from 1950- 2003, when it was then known as Windfield Farms. Home to thoroughbred horse breeding and race training. The most notable and most famous of horses to be bread and raised there was Northern Dancer. The land once housed 6 barns, stables, animal clinic and foal nursery. Along with farm hand accommodations, the home of E.P. Taylor as well. In 1950, E.P. Taylor bought the farm of then owner, Colonel R.S. Sam McLaughlin, who of course was and is mostly known as one of the founders of General Motors Canada. In 2003, the estate of Windfield Farms sold off the land to both the UOIT Durham college and residential developers. Now the land has both campus buildings as well as residential homes.


the claims that were stated to us from the resident of the home are those of the most typical in this type of investigation. Those being; the sounds of voices ( particularly that of a young man,) keys rattling, footsteps, bed shaking, closet doors being rattled. Also, they claim to have heard what sounded like running/ heavy walking in the upper hallway causing a motion activated light to flicker. The biggest and according to the one resident, claim is that of the apparition of what appeared to be a big Amish/ farmer looking man at the foot of his bed, trying to touch his leg.


We arrived safely around 7:30pm the night of the investigation. Once we met with the clients, we introduced the team and began to talk with them to get a better understanding in their own words as to what they are experiencing. We toured the home and in doing so, decided as a team were to primarily focus our attention on for the evening. According to the client, most of the activity was found to happen is two of the bedrooms. Based on that we concentrated our efforts in those two rooms, but set up the trapper cam in the upper hallway, in hope to catch anything that may set off the motion light, that was mentioned earlier in this write up. Erin was on video cam. Lynda took still photographs of the residence as well as took a turn with audio. Patricia did base reads prior to starting as well as took turns with audio as well. Phil was primarily involved in question asking, tri-field reading and a very brief video stint.


As in most cases, unfortunately, the night was very quiet. The team did our best to try and get alot of questions asked and took the time to leave some space in hope to have audio pick something up. All video as well as audio will be gone over and should anything be found, the team will look into it and if necessary, report back to the client. On a side note, the one client said he thought he heard what sounded like a phone going off with a notification tone. All our team phones were on airplane mode as is standard for us on investigations as to not interfere with equipment and as we were wrapping up, Erin and Patricia said they thought they heard footsteps walking across the kitchen floor.


Overall, as stated above; quiet night with, unfortunately, no circumstantial, definitive experiences for us. If what the client said was true regarding the "notification sound" he stated he heard that wasn't from our phone nor his, hopefully was picked up by the static audio recording device on the table, as well as the footsteps apparently heard by two team members as we were wrapping up.

Overall, client was very pleased with our help and professionalism.


PHOTOS from this investigation