Case:             # 2020-06

Location:  Scarborough (West Hill), Ontario Residence

Team members: Dave Gibb, Erin Beulah and Trish MacDonald

Date: September 2020

Climate: Windy but a stable 18-20 degrees C. 8:00pm


A 5 year old subdivision in North Oshawa. Entire area was farm land previously owned by E.P. Taylor from 1950- 2003, when it was then known as Windfield Farms. Home to thoroughbred horse breeding and race training. The most notable and most famous of horses to be bread and raised there was Northern Dancer. The land once housed 6 barns, stables, animal clinic and foal nursery. Along with farm hand accommodations, the home of E.P. Taylor as well. In 1950, E.P. Taylor bought the farm of then owner, Colonel R.S. Sam McLaughlin, who of course was and is mostly known as one of the founders of General Motors Canada. In 2003, the estate of Windfield Farms sold off the land to both the UOIT Durham college and residential developers. Now the land has both campus buildings as well as residential homes.


The house has been investigated previously to no result. It is in a settled urban area of Scarborough. The claims are of a shadow figure, articles being thrown about and broken, noises and vibrations. There was also a claim of a radio turning off and on of its own accord. A male and child spirit have felt to be there in the home.


We came into the residence on time. Client and family sequestered themselves to the back yard and did remain quiet for the duration of the investigation. Primarily this investigation, which encompassed 2 very junior members and Dave. Was somewhat a training outing. We decided to make a split sentinel format where sessions would be held on one floor while sentinel equipment was set up on the other. Then vice versa. Focus on living room and hall, then for what was the daughters now sons room upstairs. Both filmed and audio reordered simultaneously. The audio recorders would not be moved. (for record purpose not situated near the investigators) Panels were going off but we later detected the cause to be the trap camera snapping pictures

The home was a balmy 29 degrees, boo bear had many blurts of the temperature getting warm to confirm that. We didn't feel any drafts or coolness at any point in time. The EDI also confirmed the temperature. First we investigated the living room, asking the standard fare of expected questions and those specific to the site. We did hear some noises about us or above us. Nothing outstanding. At no point was there movement detected or any feeling of uneasiness. Erin was filming Trish and Dave asking the questions.

We proceeded to move to the bedroom. Which was hotter. There was a point during the investigation where draft was felt and a child's voice (child was 2 floors below) was heard. Equipment did have some malfunction. All three were asking questions Trish was filming. We had not noticed til reviewing the video that the KII meter was spiking while the child's voice had been heard audibly. However for the physical side of the investigation, there was no apparent activity. Until the evidence review stage.

Review and Results

We had discounted some of the activity, the radio that turns off and on. Is very old, circa mid 70's with an EMF reading of between 20 and 60 MG. Electronics of this age do have a propensity to malfunction. Upon audio review we did capture many of the noises we heard above us. Sounds very brassy like a pipe laying unsecured horizontally. I would look at the physical before making any determination on that. But noises we don't generally denote as paranormal.

There were 3 audible EVP, not heard by ears until listening on the sound file program. The first was during an equipment switch, not intended to be put into peer review except for some humour as one was calling boo bear creepy... the word "Hey" was heard by a number of peers. This remains undetermined but will be submitted for the client to preview to their discretion.

The other 2 EVP, which have the same voice to them, tone and such. Caught once each on each floor. One in a response for me speaking the living room, asking for commitment if spirit knew each other we caught a "Tell them" video confirmed it was not the participants. Upstairs When Dave was speaking to the door opening, we got "Liar" very breathy and close to the zoom recorder. Dave was the only male in the room and was not talking as confirmed by film, 8 feet from the recorder.

These EVP have been peer reviewed by much of the CHAPS team and confirmed with video in our process of review. The entire file had been listened to by 4 then "hits" isolated for the rest of the team to review to their opinion, further to their opinion to reduce possible and have those firm evp reviewed against video. What we are left with is 2 firm class 2C EVP slight correlation to what is being asked and minimal amplification


For this second investigation we seemed to have caught some form of evidence that may put into consideration further focus work.

If anything I would call this Responsive Activity from what seems to be a male figure


PHOTOS from this investigation