Case:             # 2020-02

Location:  East York Residence

Date: March 14, 2020

Team members: Damon, Erin (guest) and Phil.

Temp: 0 degrees


The clients mother, Linda, actually reached out to us in mid January on behalf of her daughter, Jennifer (our client.) I took the opportunity to Jennifer to discuss what has been happening. She described to me that for quite some time, since her kids were little ( they are grown up now) there was a shadowy figure, almost Gargoyle like, that would be hunched overtop of her staircase, watching/peering into on the bedrooms. Unexplained hand prints would just randomly appear on her bathroom mirror. These were both adult and child size, that would be in many different directions, including what she thought to be backwards. Her one child, now and adult, said they saw a small child upstairs. Jennifer saw a tall man wearing what she thought to be a top hat, on her staircase. The feeling of her bed being bumped and her sheets being pulled. She also wanted us to know that many people, her kids and friends, have seen a figure of a woman in the basement. Apparently this woman would appear through the doorway to the sitting area and pace back and forth in the hall. At one point, as her kids friend explained to her, even tried to wake up this person sleeping on the couch by grabbing their leg and shaking them. Finally, her Jennifer's daughter woke up from a nap to find a very large handprint on her thigh, with what looks to be a very abnormal thumb. Jennifer went on to say that her neighbours also experience things, to the point where one of them had unexplained bruising. Jennifer did attempt to have her neighbour have us investigate for them as well, but unfortunately they weren't interested.


This was a first for Erin, as she was a guest on this. She was great. Got into asking questions and using some equipment. After doing base readings, we did find an alarming amount of EMF coming from the fuse box area in the basement, directly below the kitchen. There were a lot of incandescent lights throughout the home, but after reading them, didn't seem to be an issue. Not enough was emitted given the distance to people in the home. We started upstairs in the master bedroom. The K2 was showing signs of acknowledgement, but to be honest, we were unable to determine if it was activity or just ambient EMF from somewhere near. We did re-sweep the room, but came up nothing. After an hour we decided to break and then hit the basement. There we were again, intrigued by the K2 going off. This time though, we had lights go off when asked questions or asked it to "go up to red." Unfortunately we could not seem to get the "woman" fore-mentioned to appear for us, although this was when the K2 would go off. By the time we were ready to wrap up, at one point while talking to Jennifer and asking this "woman" to give us a more definite sign, we thought we heard above us, the front door open and someone walking across the room. I asked Jennifer if they was her mother coming back in from outside, and Jennifer answered "No. It couldn't be her. She went home a little while ago and I locked the door after she left." At this point the team all acknowledged hearing it, so we ran up to see of anyone was there. Nothing. No-one. The door was still locked too. It was then we wrapped up for the night and thanked Jennifer for this amazing opportunity to her hopefully get some answers. She was extremely happy with our investigative ways and also let us know she has watched a lot of or videos on YouTube, and was amazed at what we do for people like her in need of some help.
Over all, a fairly quiet night. Other than a few bumps and tummy growls, lol, the video and audio will be processed and anything we hopefully happened to catch, if any, will be looked into intensely by the team.
A few EVP will be presented to the client which do have context to the case. One mentioning what we hear as "poor doggie" as their dog has been quite ill. One "Mommy I am home" which is to the claim of a child being present. (to be noted both neighbors are elderly) The last, is an undetermined word. It just sounded displaced. None of these EVP were able to be confirmed or debunked by video as they came from a sentinel audio machine. So it is up to the client to do as she feels with them.


Could be some coherent activity. Would need further investigation. Nothing if there seems to be malevolent, however the EMF contamination in the home is quite excessive. We believe that a good majority of the hits coming from the KII meter (not our usual go to determine activity, just a barometer to ask more questions) we're due to this and the router. As it was a consistent pulsing action.


Kids Voice (amp)

Voice again (amp)

Small voice (amp)


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