Case:             # 2020-01

Location:  Courtice residence return

Date: February 22, 2020


This client has had us in to the investigate the home in the past. He experiences are a strong cigar smell and seeing black figures. This is often most accompanied by the playing of her keyboard. It is of a negative nature, feeling wise however the contention is that is may be the grandparents. Her husband was present in the home alone, when the doors slammed shut and the power turned all the TV's on in the home. There is a great deal of electronic material in the upper floor of the home.
In the past also a certain chair seemed to set things off. Chair has since been removed from the home.


Evening, weather is clear yet damp. Temp about 6C. Base reads as previous, house is very flat. Trifield reading avg .3MG Temp is also ambient and little change.
Our investigation was more focused on simple evp sessions and observation. Kept the equipment quite simple. We did have a bang that was quite pronounced, and some knocking which could be attributed to house noises as it we are having a several day warm spell. Other than that, the night was quite quiet and in past experience the activity has been subtle. Since this has been drawn down to the personal experience and we are familiar with the client, I would cite that there must be some activity in the home. But may require a long term investigation with monitoring equipment. The client is actively working with the team so we may provide them with equipment to set and review.


Undetermined, require further long term investigation.


PHOTOS from this investigation