Case:             # 2020-00

Location:  Ghost Road


Well in the middle of the pandemic, we had to keep the oils running and some of the new participants needed training. Best set to the put their feet to the fire and to a local urban legend.


Claims of a young lad coming home from a girlfriend lost his head on a farmers fence wire or smashed into the rock that is emblazoned with the ghost road name.

Popular with the youth we went on a mid week night

Still a lot of traffic on the road. We did establish the traffic lights from the city would have no bearing on this case, as been cited by many. The rise in altitude from Oshawa as well as being about 5 km to the east, just not feasible.


There was at points a great deal of EMF from the hydro lines, for a point of interest. A lot of noise from the local farm animals.

However in the end as in most past visits, no occurrence. There is no verifiable proof that this even occurred no news reports nothing. It is a an urban legend, repeated at many local hot spots.

PHOTOS from this investigation