Case:             2019

Location:  Team Meeting and Investigation, Oshawa, Ontario


Conditions: 10 degrees and clear.


This was our annual team meeting, being held at one of the members residents. An excellent opportunity to trial ideas, make mistakes and counter problems such as the obvious too many bodies present.

Our client had a heart attack and a cardiac arrest within 2 weeks a few years back, luckily she is still with us and investigating. She has seen shadows before and after the event, but it noticing it more now. Sandy and Dave, who were the first res ponders, also had experiences here that have never occurred.


During the investigation we base read certain devices which could contribute, however the readings were reasonable and nullified. The team, took turn with the lead opportunity and tried out different tools and how to use them. The investigation for the most part was very quiet, unless accounting for the overpopulated house. Which is often a hazard we come across when clients invite guests to view what we are doing.


It was a good evening for education. However the results for the audio would be far too disputable with the amount of people present so no result, however we will return to this residence to do a proper investigation


PHOTOS from this investigation