Case:             # 2019-09

Location:  Pembroke Residence

Date: Fall 2019


Clients has claimed hearing footsteps, doors closing and vision of a Victorian lady in dress. Animals also tend to watch something near the ceiling. No past history of paranormal activity. Basement tenants also seeing shadows and the feeling of being touched.
The house itself had no indifference to the base reads. High points to be where they are expected. Word for note there were animals present as well as the floors in the home are quick creaky.


Pembroke ON. Weather is clear but cool.
During the investigation, everything was quite quiet , however during the investigation we did have a cupboard door open on it's own. Unsure if that was paranormal or that it had been moved by someone physically. When the MEL meter was left alone upstairs during sentinel time, there were some times it did spike without reason. Did a sweep of the room with no alternative reason for that. All in all it was a very calm night. Nothing out of the ordinary. We did obtain an EVP hit, that we could not debunk. Citing "hold on Buddy" or something about a buggy.


Need further research but potential for activity nothing obvious. Residual if anything.




PHOTOS from this investigation