Case:             # 2019-08

Location:  Pembroke Residence apartment

Date: September 27, 2019


CHAPS Paranormal North Team was contacted in August 2019 by a female living in a senior's apartment building in Pembroke. The client advised that she has been followed throughout her last 3 residences over the last 10 years by unusual electronic sounds and knocking at her door and window throughout the night.
She was extensively documenting the sounds--knocks at her door, a buzzing sound from the phone, knocks at the window. She is presently a widow but these sounds were present when her husband was alive though he slept through them. She was not frightened by the sounds but requested an investigation to determine what they were and help to make them stop.


CHAPS North Team attended her residence on 27 Sept 2019. Audio and video equipment were set up with an investigation taking place over a period of several hours. No sounds were heard by the investigators at that time but the electronic equipment was to be analyzed as soon as practicable.
The client had a quiet night. The audio and video equipment was set up at the client's residence to try to capture the sounds she was complaining about. It was picked up and analyzed with negative results.
The client contacted the CHAPS team representative several times over the next few months with notes detailing the sounds that continued to bother her at night.


While no evidence was obtained on the audio and video equipment, the client was sincere in her belief that this was occurring. She was encouraged to set out her own audio recorder and CHAPS provided a smudging of her residence. When this did not cease the activity, she recently sought the services of a recommended medium/psychic in the area. She will keep the CHAPS North Team representative updated as time goes by.


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