Case:             # 2019-07

Location:  Pembroke 50+ Active Living Centre


The Pembroke 50 + Active Living Centre is located in a 100 plus year-old building in the heart of Pembroke. It has served as a home, fire hall, town hall, jail, community centre and as a location for wrapping bandages in World War I. The present staff of the centre advise that the building has a ghost nicknamed "Henry". The previous administrative staff member passed on the information years ago about Henry walking upstairs, moving things, making high-pitched whining sounds. The sound of a door being opened was heard but no one was there. The staff are not concerned but were pleased to have CHAPS North come and do an investigation:


Audio and video equipment were set up at the Centre as well as EMF readers. Several investigators were in attendance for the multi-leveled property. Stationary cameras were set up as well including covering an old basement with metal hooks of u/k origin hanging from the ceiling of the basement. The investigation was conducted over several hours with questions covering the use of the building as a jail and military facility.


There was no audio or video evidence of any paranormal activity. The claims were mild at best however the clients were pleased to have CHAPS attend and will advise the team if any activity increases.


PHOTOS from this investigation