Case:             # 2019-06

Location:  Petawawa Historical Village, Ontario, Canada

Date: May 11, 2019


The Petawawa Historical Society operates a property in the Town of Petawawa with several old buildings--a school house, blacksmith shop, small homes belonging to settlers, a renovated Church, etc. The school house and homestead that were relocated to the village site are manned by volunteers and students during the tourist season. They report suspected paranormal activity in these original buildings as opposed to the reconstructed buildings (like the Church).
One building, the Molson (family) house was reported to have had a young boy murdered there in the 1930's. Paramedics in the building next door have come over at night thinking the lights were on in the building. The volunteer who works there reports that when she comes in in the morning, toys are sometimes moved and candles have been burnt out. A doll had a moccasin moved when no one was there. There are also indents in the old bed as if someone had been lying there (with no public access beforehand).
The school house volunteer has a strong sense of someone who is with her there in the morning. The school house is an original building and was moved there.


The team did our best to help this client, as she was legitimately concerned. As it stands, unfortunately we weren't able to experience any of the claims the client experienced, even though, what we thought was some activity, still isn't enough to put forth, as the team is still going through the footage and audio recordings to be 100% sure. She is open for a future rebooking.


There was one audio "hit" of interest in the school house--a possible musical note--but nothing conclusive. This is a location with a lot of history and clients consistent experience with unusual phenomenon at that location. The Heritage Village is open to another investigation in the future and it is hoped that there may be more results at that time


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