Case:             # 2019-05

Location:  Private Residence, Cobourg, Ontario (Return visit)

Members: Phil (lead), Shannon, Damon


Client was a very nice lady that was very enthusiastic to have us come out to interview/ investigate her residence. According to her, she was experiencing knocking on doors and walls, voices, temperature fluctuations, sleep paralysis (more so the feeling of being pinned down by someone), tapping on her dresser as well as other things. She took the time to send pictures of what she claimed were shadowy figures and green light. Also, her unexplained reaction to a letter "Z" that has appeared on a coffee mug and on her living room floor. She is the third owner of the home and has lived there for about 12 years. The previous owners were a young couple that had a young baby, approx 2. From what we were told, sadly the young mother took her life shortly after moving from the home


The team did our best to help this client, as she was legitimately concerned. As it stands, unfortunately we weren't able to experience any of the claims the client experienced, even though, what we thought was some activity, still isn't enough to put forth, as the team is still going through the footage and audio recordings to be 100% sure. She is open for a future rebooking.


PHOTOS from this investigation