Case:             # 2019-03

Location:  Private Residence, Toronto, Ontario

Date: May 3rd, 2019


Conditions: Mild 10 degrees, slight overcast.

Members: Phil (lead), Jeff, Mauricio, Damon


It is worth noting that some 10 plus years ago, the female pregnant neighbour was sadly murdered by her estranged husband. One more house over from that, the older original neighbours had passed away in the home within months of each other, both in their 80's. The clients home was originally owned by an older couple, unsure if they passed in the home or not, a number of years ago. Their son inherited the house and rented it out for years. Our client bought the home 3 years ago. Client has stated alot of claims. Aside from the normal standard claims of the feeling of being watched, odd noises (knocking, banging, creaking...,) and uneasiness, they claim to have seen 3 different apparitions. One being a tall, thick/stocky male like. Another is a short thin male like and the third being a female like surrounded by a golden hue. The 1st being in the master bedroom. The female in the child's room and the other, smaller one in the main living/ kitchen area. The sounds of giggling coming from one corner of the master bedroom. A male voice saying "don't!" Client said she was pushed while doing laundry. Had someone "hovering" over her while at the kitchen sink. She states that someone is playing with her son, who is two, making him laugh. A ball was tossed to her with a voice saying "let's play." They have had the house smudged as well as blessed.


Originally we were lead to believe that the client and her family weren't going to be home. Unfortunately do to unforeseen things, their plans changed and they were home. Because of this, audio will be contaminated with different noises produced by them, intermittently throughout the investigation. It is an older home built in the 60's, so alot of floor creaks and joist pops. Also, they live under a flight path for the airport, so the sounds of jets flying over will be heard. The home was a small bungalow. Since contacting CHAPS, the basement was gutted for renovations. Alot of EMF readings were high in the home. In some cases we found it to be off the charts while doing our base readings.


Unfortunately the night didn't provide or produce anything to really answer any questions for the client. They are open for a reinvestigation should they experience any more claims in the near future.


PHOTOS from this investigation