Case:             # 2019-02

Location:  Private Residence, Oshawa, Ontario


Conditions: Chilly winter night, approx -10 without wind chill.

Members: Phil (lead), Erin, Jeff, Mauricio


The home is owned by a young couple that bought the house in 2006. The original owner of the home, was found dead in the master bedroom. It isn't known exactly how he died, but he wasn't found for a number of days. Client claims that items would go missing for a lengthy time, only to reappear in different locations throughout the master bedroom, primarily, with no explanation as to where they were and who took/ put them. There is also a claim of childrens toys turning on by themselves.


Even though audio picked up some "unexplained" hits that the team is still trying to debunk, there was nothing to back up the client and what they were experiencing. As it stands, we have no credible evidence to report back to the client with. They are open to a future rebooking, as they have experienced noise coming from the basement, where a family member lives, who wasn't home at the time.


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