Case:             # 2018-09

Location:  Private Residence, Pembroke, Ontario


CHAPS was contacted by a family in Pembroke, Ontario with concerns that there was paranormal activity in their home. The family of four has a pre-teen son and daughter. The mother and daughter had claims that they felt someone was in the house. The girl was frightened when the door handle to her bedroom was observed to be shaking. Her mother came into the room and saw it as well. The father did not see it but the mother then reported that she felt a waft of cold air go by her legs. The mother also reported waking up one night and seeing two hand prints on the wall that then disappeared.


CHAPs members conducted an investigation over the course of several hours that involved use of video and audio equipment as well as the K2 meter that read EMF levels. The rooms of concerns were targeted by the investigators as well as the basement.
While investigating the basement, one of the CHAPs team members believed he observed a shadow along the opposite wall. Various lighting scenarios were discussed but none could explain the shadow. This was not captured on video however
Investigation with the K2 showed that a desk fan gave off an exceptionally high reading. This fan was directly beside the family computer and could theoretically affect the residents reported feelings of anxiety and unrest. Further EMF diagnostics of the home were at acceptable levels.
Although no video or audio evidence was captured that definitely supported the claims of the clients, there were a few instances where the K2 meter detected spikes in EMFs. Despite these spikes, no audio or video support any paranormal activity.


While the female members of the family remain convinced there is paranormal activity, there was no direct evidence to support their claims. The investigation itself did give them a sense of reassurance that nothing negative was in the home. A safety plan was fashioned with the young girl where she felt she had control over when the “ghost” was allowed to come into her room to play and when she wanted the “ghost” to stay out and give her privacy. Despite their hopes that there would be concrete evidence to support their sightings but they were satisfied with the investigation and appreciative of the attendance by the CHAPS team.

PHOTOS from this investigation