Case:             # 2018-08

Location:  Private Residence, Ajax, Ontario


Conditions: 18C clear night


Owner had sent us a video of a flying figure coming down in front of the kitchen among some others. We could not, and maintain still can not debunk that video. They report hearing and feeling in the room where a lady had owned the house had been sick for some time. Also where she had remained in a palliative state.
The house had had a number of remodels done to it. Could lend to some of the conditions with noise. However the homeowner is an engineer and I would suspect any of these issues may have been looked at prior.


Base readings for the investigation were quite normal. Pitchy at the source of electricity in the home. Very large clean house. The owners made themselves absent which was good for the investigation. The basement, zero readings. We had also agreed with the home owners that, this was not the epicentre.
The top floor, in the one room we did get some smells, perfumey. Was subtle but interesting. Some minor blips with the EMF but nothing noteworthy.
On the main floor, much the same. The lead investigator did get quite ill which forced the investigation to be cut short.
We did send Shan and Sandy there for a reboot some weeks later.


PHOTOS from this investigation