Case:             # 2018-06

Location:  Private Residence, Arnprior, Ontario


Date: December 2018

Conditions: Cool, early December temperatures, minimal snow cover at time of investigation.


C.H.A.P.S Northern Team was dispatched to a townhouse in a residential complex area in early December 2018 in the Town of Arnprior. The client was a female parent of a young child and was reporting to be experiencing negative paranormal activity within her home. This activity had started primarily 3 weeks prior to calling in CHAPS after she and her neighbour were playing around one night with an Ouija Board app her neighbour had downloaded for fun.
The client reported that after the app was used, she began to have unusual activity in her home that included the occupants hearing running sounds in the upstairs area and her noticing what she described as "claw marks" on her son's bed as well as on the wall by the front door. The family dog was agitated as well over that period of time.
The client downloaded a ghost app that was advertised as being able to detect and translate ghost voices. This aggravated the situation as the voice on the app was responding in a hostile manner. When she would tell the entity to "Get the F... out of her house" it would say "Get the F... out Bitch". It also made mention of a bloody nose which her son got the next day. Another incident involved a butter knife flying out of the dish tray and into the sink as she was doing dishes and telling the entity to leave and the register in the kitchen flying up in the air.
The client was frightened as was her son and loved ones. She had a Priest come in to do a blessing as well as having a smudging done previous to calling in CHAPS.


Four team members attended and utilized the camera, video equipment, audio equipment and EMF. The complainant accompanied the team around the residence and readings were taken in each room. Electromagnetic readings in the house were within normal range. There were no audio or video hits that confirmed any paranormal activity at the time of the investigation. The claw marks on the wall by the front door were photographed and appeared to be smudge marks consistent with a small adult or a child's hands. After discussing the "ghost voice" app with the client, it is suspected that it mimics statements made by the occupants in the house and may be a part of its program.


There was no direct, measured evidence of paranormal activity at the time of the investigation. The client felt reassured by having the team attend and was cautioned about using phone apps that may have hidden programs in them--possibly recording and mimicking what they are saying. There has been no reporting increase or continuation of paranormal activity reported since the investigation. She will re-contact CHAPS if the activity starts again.


PHOTOS from this investigation