Case:             # 2018-06

Location:  Wildwood Sanitarium in Salamanca, New York


Date: August 2018

Members: Sandy, Shannon, Carolyn, Dan, Cathy, John and Jen B.


A sign located on the property reads; (1909) "The sanitarium and bath house is now open and for the treatment of all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases. We have endeavored to make the conditions inside the house as pleasant as possible and will try to give each patient individual attention."
The Wildwood Sanitarium was officially opened in 1906 as a Sanitarium and Bath House. It was a holistic healing center and the only one of its kind in NYS at the time it opened. Dr. Henderson and Dr. Perry specialized in Osteopathy Therapy and also welcomed in patients seeking a cure for alcoholism, drug addiction, all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases. Offering each patient individual attention and offered a bath house in the basement. Later, it became a Tuberculosis Clinic in 1923, then owned by several different families and later opened as apartments.


Over the years it has been known to have paranormal activity including shadow figures, Electronic Voice Phenomenon and people have reported being touched or pushed, there has also been reports of objects moving and windows spontaneously bursting.


When the team arrived after our long drive to New York, Most of the team went to a local restaurant leaving Carolyn at the sanitarium with the owner. Carolyn explored the building and while in the basement experienced some shadows and movement.
Once the rest of the team arrived we began our investigation on the top floor. This floor was fairly quiet for the team, however one of our investigators became quite ill while up here. Was it a spirit affecting him? Or the food he ate from the restaurant not agreeing with him? Who knows!
We took a short break after this floor, and the ill investigator decided to go to bed. We placed audio in the room with him so we could monitor any movement or noises he might make for debunking purposes later.
We then moved on to the second floor. In the room set up as a little boys room we experienced quite a bit of what sounded like scratching in the walls. We cannot rule out that the scratching may have been caused by critters. In the doll room we also experienced scratching and movement however we're pretty sure there was animals in the hole in the ceiling. We had a toy ball that went off and made a strange noise startling our investigators pretty good. We spent a good amount of time trying to recreate it but were not able to.
The main floor and basement were pretty quiet for us.


Throughout our investigation we had experienced some noises, shadows, and the incident with the ball that we can't explain. The voice recorder that we had placed in the room with our sick investigator picked up a very interesting EVP. In between our investigators snore, what sounds like a young boys voice was heard saying "time to get up". I think a return investigation is definitely warranted as we experienced enough and gathered enough evidence to say there may just be someone roaming Wildwood Sanitarium.


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