Case:             2018-05

Location:  Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke, Ontario


Main hall.

I remained in the main hall all evening. Each group that came through worked pretty much the same. we started at the front, worked our way down the left aisle towards the hearst and fire truck, across the back and back up the aisle with the log run display. Some groups were pretty quiet with respect to asking questions. Others seemed to be more interested. The hearst and fire truck area along with the log run were popular location to stop and ask questions. We didn't experience the same K2 readings near the log run display as we did before. There was no activity to report that was picked up on the meters. Museum hall seemed quiet that night. Unfortunately due to the size of the main hall and the fact that guests were interested in checking out the displays sometimes wandering away, we were not able to complete a full walk around with the time we had and the far aisle was not investigated. All in all the groups that came through the main hall seemed to enjoy investigating in the main hall


PHOTOS from this investigation