Case:             # 2018-04

Location:  Private Residence, Shannonville, Ontario


Conditions: Comfortable / cool.

Members: Carolyn (co-lead), Phil (co-lead), Jennifer, Cat


Client had claims of a dark entity that would appear across the ceiling of the house, streaking into the master bedroom. The master bedroom closet was said to be the most active for upstairs. The outside attic door opened by itself. Claims of being watched, touched, voices. The basement had claims of a young boy, native looking, that would roam the hall and bedroom. Also the spirit of a young woman in a lace type dress, was said to be seen in the same hall and bedroom of the basement.


Unfortunately do to alot of noise contamination from pets and people in the house, we were unable to retrieve any evidence that night for the client. Since then the client has stated the his wife and him have split up due to the uneasiness she feels in the house, yet since we left, the activity has subsided to almost nothing.


PHOTOS from this investigation