Case:             # 2018-03

Location:  Private club in Ontario


Conditions: Summer 2017, Climate, humid 38-42 degrees.


At the invite of RRLC Paranormal, we investigated a private establishment in the city. Known for a number of "personalities"
The base reads, were as expected. Any area we thought would have high EMF did. Nothing untoward to expect.
The basement provided us with an audible voice on tape and audio. Would not use as evidence as we didn't have a 100% pan on the participants but it was odd. Lots of dripping noises down there to keep an ear out for. Truthfully it is a basement so one would expect to "feel" something.
On the entry to the upper floor we were met with a screech. Debunking process began to identify the noise. Closest we could come to was a chair that had been stacked on the desks.
A few mock enactments were done. Nothing came of that unfortunately. Neither did any EMF or significant action. However the ready room which was closed off and lights off. 2 X the door became unlatched and the light on. This was a complete surprise to us and will investigate this again next time.


I would believe some form of "activity" to be here but would like the chance to investigate more thoroughly. RRLC is a great team. Ron and Leslie has the team set up the way we like to see


PHOTOS from this investigation