Case:             # 2017-12

Location:  Old Angel Inn


Conditions: March 2018, Climate, Clear skies +5c - -2c


Setting Old Angel Inn, now operated as a small hotel and bar, w live music.
Captain Swayze on await for his fiancé at this inn, ran into some American troops and ran to the basement, hid in a keg and the troops with their bayonets stabbed the kegs until one bled something other than alcohol . Buried there in the basement rather than moving his body. Also a cat in the Captains room. There is also a claim of a Collins, an officer.


The investigation consisted of 3 members of CHAPS. Dave, Shannon and Sandy. The 4 members of COPS, Glenn from COPI and a number of the host team The Brantford Paranormal Society, headed by Tim Butterworth.
The rooms had all been procured by the teams and the site to be secured. However this was not the case. Unfortunately the bar was hopping and the staff also stuck around to chatter and have a few. Our start, was late into the eve. We did investigate the top floor but with the band playing and 200 patrons, any evidence would have to be discounted.
I do happen to believe, the story of Captain Swayze, though I am unsure as to how long it has been around seems written for history. It's just a little too perfect. The original location is gone. I can find no actual documentation of Swayze.


Though it would be unfair of me to state nothing paranormal goes on in the Inn, being there one time... and that under non conducive circumstances to investigation. The sheer number of bodies, investigators included in the building did not lend itself to evidence so our findings are undetermined.
We did have an incredible night of unity with the other teams, cross investigating styles and the such. So the real gain was in the opportunity of experience


PHOTOS from this investigation