Case:             # 2018-01

Location:  East Durham region, Ontario Home


Conditions: Winter 2017, -20c clear skies.


A serious crime had been committed in this home in recent years under different ownership. The new owners called us after they have been awaken at night, as well as hearing footsteps.


On a very cold night a small team with very basic equipment came in. Base reads, very normal for a house. A very clean and organized home, so molds and dust were not an issue. The claims had nothing to do with photographic evidence. Even upon the event of setting up and unpacking the equipment we heard the running upstairs and the cracking noises. It should be noted the client had left the home. Only investigators present. We did audio phonic tests for the floor to see what walking on them sounded like, which simulated the one noise. The one noise, above the TV and the range hood we have determined to be weather related bang and pop. The running we can't. That claim was given to us and supported by experience. It did happen the second investigation we were there as well.
We had set statics up in the upstairs, locked it off. A number of styles of media there. STS cam, FLIR, EDI etc. Our approach was to play hide and seek as it is a child's spirit in the claim. What we got was a number after boo bear counted.... which we don't all agree with but we got a child saying "can't find me" quite clearly. Odd that is combined with the game being played and the child's voice
We have been back to this location. Did not get any evidence there. But this spurns a return


Our team concurs that there is activity at this home. It is now the level we need to determine but it was at the very least responsive.


PHOTOS from this investigation