Case:             # 2017-20

Location:  Bacons Castle


Conditions: Summer 2017, Climate 45-48 degrees. Clear skies. Very humid.


Bacon's Castle, also variously known as "Allen's Brick House" or the "Arthur Allen House" is located in Surry County, Virginia, United States, and is the oldest documented brick dwelling in what is now the United States. Built in 1665, it is noted as an extremely rare example of Jacobean architecture in the New World.
The house became known as "Bacon's Castle" because it was occupied as a fort or "castle" by the followers of Nathaniel Bacon during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. However, contrary to popular folklore, Bacon never lived at Bacon's Castle, nor is he even known to have visited it.
Today Bacon's Castle is an historic house museum and historic site open for guest visitation. Bacon's Castle is an official Preservation Virginia historic site


Claims, the residents and servants of the castle claim to haunt it. Not aggressive forms of haunting, the investigation was a research in motion conjoined with CPRI as we were their guests


Not to understate the effect of the weather on this Canadian team. The term distracted would not give it justice. CPRI had their command centre set at a tent outside the property. Data loggers set through the property. Cameras at every angle monitored by a number of DVR specialists.
Base reads. NIL. There would be no reason for any particular activity. It was a location of slaves and servants, one would expect a form of anguish. We did some sweeps. Not a norm for CPRI. The heat lent to those sweeps being doing efficiently, quickly. There would be no point during the evening where substantial activity occurred. CPRI has had previous findings as they have investigated the location a number of times.


Our results were inconclusive but we accept CPRI's findings on face value. We hope to repeat this investigation one day.


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