Case:             # 2017-19

Location:  Champlain Trail Museum Pembroke, Ontario


Conditions: Fall. Not cold. Clear night.


Claims are as in the past, activity in the cottage and the main building near the hearse.


In past investigations, we have received small bits of experiences and evidence this night we got a little more than normal. The usual equipment was set up to show movement etc. The actual investigation itself was quite quiet. There was some activity near the large steam wheel. KII hits that should not be happening there.
One of the displays, hard wired on the wall, also was hanging off when we passed. Checking on video this did occur during the investigation though we can't figure out how. This was in the same area as the activity.
We did not investigate the school house or the church that eve. Our focus on this night was actually to investigate the house.
Much of the invasive investigation yielded no results. However we left a few trigger objects and monitoring devices running in the room with the toy house. At multiple times during our absence into that home. The trigger object stated it was colder. Indeed the temperature was dropping, when it was mentioning that something was near the EDI geophone was going off like a bell and the EMF detector was also striking quite high.
This in itself is not proof. Nothing is. But this is a reason we can put some more focus on the home itself. There is no pulsing form of power, nor was anyone in the home to make the geophone go off the way it did. Over a period of time as well not just an isolated incident.
We'll of course continue to investigate the museum.


PHOTOS from this investigation