Case:             # 2017-17

Location:  109 Petawawa, Ontario home


Conditions: Weather for this second night of investigation, ironically in the same neighborhood was identical. Windy, -20 and miserable. All needed to be taken into consideration.


The claims for this home. More subtle but much of the same. Seeing shadow people and being touched. I would have to guess that the area itself would lend itself to this kind of feeling. I don't believe people are seeking it. Due to the size of the area of homes. This would be very hard to pin down.


During this investigation we used identical equipment and sweeping technique as the night before. We encountered many of the same noises. We believe this to be a result of some common beams and stringers in the townhouse.


All sweeps went without event and we came to the same conclusion that we could not find anything paranormal.


PHOTOS from this investigation