Case:             # 2017-12

Location:  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Conditions: -5C both nights, snowing otherwise


This being my 12th return trip to Gettysburg, this time to bring my family. Of course I am going to investigate. The primary investigation would be at the Colton motel, room 27 I recall, last on the left and deemed the most haunted room in Gettysburg. We set down the audio and video equipment after taking base reads, the room was blank. A series of questions were asked, no reaction as well as the room would be calm and comforting for 2 days. The audio preview would also review no evidence so for our purposes that particular location was lore. We continued over the two days to investigate the fields. This is where I was brought to this passion 24 years ago. Took my wife and kids to the spot where it all started for me. Undeniably the fields feel different right off day or night. But night does bring a certain something to it. Specifically we focused on the Little Round Top, Devils Den and Wheatfield. Devils den is very cool. However pin headed teens tend to ruin the moment with their screams for attention and the ever present ghost touring groups. Orb pics and all.

We moved down to the wheat field. Such a place, tonnes of death. On the end of the open gap, Sandy was to be sure she saw a soldier looking being coming out of the forest to the fence line. I entered the forest to see if I could come across someone, did see some bending of the branches. No person. The audible was very strong in the area. You just felt something looking at you. But no proof. Alas just a personal experience that will not be forgotten.


One of the few places I know has activity.

PHOTOS from this investigation