Case:             # 2017-11

Location:  Picton Heights Return Investigation


Conditions: 22C and clear


The team has returned for about our 6th visit to the former CFB base, and medical facility. 8 participants and light in gear. We started the investigation around 10 pm. The buildings were water logged, flowing from the downpour the day before. This was effecting our audio recorders. We split the teams up at a point. For a change what we call the admin building normally the quieter of the two was the source for all our excitement. The Craig building, the barracks normally noisy and exciting was just the opposite this time. Nothing at all to report there, we did some STS work, picked up something but that is expected to have been a reflection. In the admin at one point many of us witnessed a serious shadow crossing the hallway, with a visual mist heading across. This is the floor where the most serious patients were held. Frankly, this building has a tonne of claims mostly brought on by previous teams that have been here. We can't speak to the veracity of many of them. But there has been some level of unexplained activity each time we have been here.


Ongoing, but active


PHOTOS from this investigation