Case:             # 2017-09

Location:  Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Date:  May 2017


Conditions: 20C and partly cloudy


May of 2017 CHAPS, COPS and RVPRI gathered in Mansfield Ohio to investigate the famous Ohio State Penn. Built in the late 1800's on the grounds of a civil war training camp it was a welcome addition for the overcrowded prisons. A reformatory to correct prisoners rather than punish. That was the intention.

Many accounts of violence, murder, disembowelment and torture. During the tenure of one of the longest termed wardens, his wife died from an "accidental" gunshot... he also died there of a heart attack while in his office. In further years it was known as a place to film videos, shorts and the movie "The Shawshank Redemption"


By all accounts this was going to a rock concert of an investigation 3 split teams of 7 ventured into the zones we made. Admin, West and East. The West had the solitary confinement.

The prison is still in a very raw form. Which is good. Sterility in our field is never a good thing. Many of the teams experienced the stable variety of shadows and banging noises. Some voices were heard. Smells of burning in the zone we expected which was a solid for the claim. In that zone in the East where a prisoner burnt to death in their cell. We got FLIR heat signatures off the wire bed, moving heat signature. Crackling noise on 3 of 4 audios, also when we did an absent investigation. About 20 cells away the rem pod went off at the point of asking about the burn victim. I also experienced a "wet willy" So in all of the prison, this seemed to be the highlight, and the part where the evidence we gathered supported the claim of paranormal cited there.

The admin building we did get an EVP in the educational wing. The high EMF that some investigators get there, will be a cause of the repeaters for wireless on the walls.

Good investigation.


We think there is a level of paranormal possible in the East anyway.


PHOTOS from this investigation