Case:             # 2017-09

Location:  Oshawa, Ontario - Private Residence

Date:  July 2017


Conditions: 26C and partly cloudy


CHAPS was called in by a real estate agent. The home that he is showing, among other agents has been seen 60 times with no bids. A number of the clientele reporting that they are seeing a shadow of a woman at the top of the stairs. The owner of the home had died in the home, in some distress. So this would lend to that theory.


Base reads of the home, didn't reveal too much. A switch was high, as was a vent in the floor which was close to some armoured cable. There was a pretty distinct scent in the home, overall a must and in the room of the incident a very "organic" smell. I did some UV work to reveal some things about it. The StS still being beta tested showed no result, little activity occurred and there was no audio evidence. Towards the end of the evening it became apparent we were not wanted there, more by the neighbors who were staring in the windows. So we did cut the investigation a little short but still complete.


No activity obvious. The scent, leaking foundation and the lack of staging would be my assertion as to why it is not being bid on. Along with the furniture, belongings remaining in the home. This has been reported to the agent, with no response


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