Case:             # 2017-04

Location:  Niagara, Ontario - Private Residence


Conditions: -2 to -8, rain and overcast


We had been called into a home near Niagara Falls Ontario. The daughter had been seeing shadows walking in the hallway, and in her closet. The son had also seen something but was reluctant to speak of it. The Mother was not seeing anything until she was pushed and held down on the bed. Unsure at this point if that was a physical response. The family was not present during the investigation. Previous interviews stated it was a spirit mimicking that of a child. These claims are not substantiated by our findings. The base readings were very flat. The only place that a spike occurred, where expected was at the fish tank. The investigation went very smooth, the only item of interest was that all at one time several instruments went dead. We make it a point to put new batteries in and charge before every investigation. This is not to say that an electrical inference may not have caused that.


Undetermined and ongoing.


PHOTOS from this investigation