Case:             # 2017-04

Location:  Courtice, Ontario - Private Residence


Conditions: -5C both nights, snowing otherwise


Client has called us in with a return visit to a home in Courtice.

The client had been sleeping in her car or at friends. She has experienced movement in the home akin to a Poltergeist. That being a noisy spirit rather than a dangerous one. Claims of items being tossed in the kitchen and covers being ripped off. We did physically explain most of those occurrences to her. The noises on the stairs, that she had mentioned as well just poor pinning in the wood.


During the initial investigation, alarms were going off. I am unsure as to why but this did not replicate. We did notice noises coming from the house wherever we weren't. Footsteps, scratches and pops.
One item of interest that happened on both investigations, when we had the client ask questions in a certain spot in the house. The electrical readings went off the charts. Couldn't replicate that any other spot in the house, or with anyone else in that spot. All other readings in the home were quite dry. That was interesting however. EVP evidence was clean and nothing pictorial or on video.


Will be ongoing. Enough occurred to make us think there could be something but not solid.
Client is calmed and sleeping in the home now.




PHOTOS from this investigation