Case:             # 2017-03

Location:  Canadian Automotive Museum Oshawa, Ontario Public Investigation


Weather:  Clear night, very cold - 20C

Members:  Dave, Sandy, Chris, Phil, Sydney


CHAPS has been invited to conduct a public investigation at Oshawa's Canadian Automotive Museum. An incumbent team has been doing it here for some time, we wanted to see if we would have similar results.. Though the thought there were many, many spirit here, it seems to be focused around 3-5 of them. 3 being the core centre of it. The smaller claims of a mechanic that died there during the days it was Ontario Motor Sales (20's) then a pharmacist when it was a form of storage for drugs. The majority of claim comes from a girl that is associated with a plate of a car. Supposed to have died something in relation, a boy that stays by the one car at the end. No idea of the reason. The major one is of Cameron, whose name is on the cenotaph at the park across the road. That he inhabits the place, now we had been explained from someone who attends the other sessions often lead by a medium that Cams parents owned the place. This has been found to be untrue or unsubstantiated.

Hence the claims, have no backing. However this is up to the person to find value in it.

There was a good crowd. A number of them very interested in asking questions. The rotation went well, methods were solid. However I am afraid there were no conclusive results that evening.


Was a good educational opportunity but no evidence.


PHOTOS from this investigation